Using different templates on each slide

Is it possible to use different templates on each slide?

Hello @Jen_Smith, it’s not possible to choose several templates for a single video, but you’re able to create your own template from scratch, having different slides, and reuse it in Prezi Video. You can also copy content from different templates to one presentation, if you’d like to use several elements.

Please, check more on how to do so in this article.

Let us know if you have further questions!

Thanks! I’m creating something for a live presentation. Would I still be able to speak /have my face video show in real-time in Prezi Video?

You’re very welcome @Jen_Smith, and yes, with Prezi Video your content will show up alongside you :slight_smile:

You can choose 3 different views:

  • Camera only view
  • Camera + content view
  • Content only view

Hope this could help!