Using DSLR as an external camera

In prezi video, I connect a DSLR camera and record, but the screen size is small. How can I make the shooting screen fill the entire screen?

Hi @Ad_Choi, could you please tell me your exact setup?

What operating system are you using? Is it Mac or Windows?
Could you tell me the exact model of your DSLR camera?
Are you connecting it directly to your computer or are you using something like the CamLink?

Operating system of my notebook computer is Window.
And my DSLR camera is Canon EOS M50.
I connecting it to my computer using EOS Webcam Utility.
Thank you.

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Hi @Ad_Choi, thanks for the details, could you share an image of how it looks like in the EOS Webcam Utility?

Could you also check this Canon article and see if it details the settings you would need to use on their end?

When I adjusted the camera resolution as specified in User maual of EOS Webcam Utility, it fills the entire screen. Thank you

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