Using embedded videos in Prezi Video

When trying the new Prezi Video on Zoom to show one of my old Prezi Next prezis I found that the embedded videos don’t play. I only get an image of the embedded video. I am asking this because the webinars that I am planning use short videos. Is Prezi Video designed to play a video within the webinar or only picture and text content? If not, will it ever be?


Hello @Chris_Mooney-Singh, if you reuse a Prezi Next presentation the embedded videos won’t play and currently we are not planning for embedded videos to play with Prezi Video, but we will forward your feedback to the responsible team :slight_smile:

We also have a dedicated forum for Prezi Video, you can check it here.

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Thanks, Catarina.

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Is there a way to upload a video to Prezi Video and then add the Prezi graphics to it? Can’t find an easy way to do this in the interface…

Hi @andrew_monaghan,

At this time, neither video insertion neither video upload is possible with Prezi Video, I’m afraid.
I’ll let our product team know about your feedback.
We would also recommend you to use our dedicated forum for Prezi Video, you can check it here.

Hi, I can’t upload a videos to prezi video? That’s really bad, because I wnt to edit the video before using in a presentation. I believe most users won’t use raw footage to make presentations…Besides O already have that video ready, I don’t want to record all again


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Hi there,

I’m using a Prezi presentation, which will eventually turn into a video. I’ve used several mp4 videos and they work fine in ‘edit’ mode and ‘present mode’. But when I want to record, they don’t work at all. It shows a still photo and that’s it.

Can you help me as this presentation is due monday! So I need a solution ASAP.
Prezi link:


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Hello, I am embedding YouTube videos in my Prezi Next presentation. However, when presenting with the Prezi Video app, the YouTube videos do not play - they appear to be just static images. Is there any fix to this?

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Moi aussi je viens de faire tout un montage dans une présentation avec des images et des films mais quand je lance l’enregistrement vidéo, les vidéos intégrées ne tournent pas.
J’ai essayé de démarrer à partir de vidéo prezzi, mais là il n’est pas possible d’intégrer une vidéo .
Merci pour votre aide

Salut @JOUDART_Francoise, les vidéos insérées ne sont pas lues dans Prezi Video, je le crains. Je transmettrai vos commentaires à nos développeurs.

I have a Prezi Next presentation with a few audio and video clips. However, when I import the presentation to Prezi Video they no longer seem to work. Is embedded audio and video not supported in Prezi Video?

Hey @Peter_Siljerud at the moment it’s not possible to insert videos or audio to a Prezi Video however this feature is currently under development and will be available later :slight_smile:

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I made a presentaion on Prezi next with some movies and I wanna also make a Prezi video that has my voice explanations from that.
In Prezi next, the movies are fine but in prezi video they never be played just showed like a picture. Isn’t it possible?

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I came to ask a similar question. I teach music, so one concern I have as you develop this feature is: will the audio be maintained clearly in the video I record? Because some video screen-cast type software distorts the audio from youtube videos. If I am trying to explain the timbre of a violin, or the quality of a 9th chord in a jazz band, the audio needs to be clear. Also considering the original post was November has there been no progress? Can you update?

Hello @Kristel_Tretter, our team is currently working on developing this feature and it will be available with high quality sound when released :slight_smile:

This is a great new update. Good audio is essential to match professional visuals.


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