Using embedded videos in the new Prezi Video

When trying the new Prezi Video on Zoom to show one of my old Prezi Next prezis I found that the embedded videos don’t play. I only get an image of the embedded video. I am asking this because the webinars that I am planning use short videos. Is Prezi Video designed to play a video within the webinar or only picture and text content? If not, will it ever be?

Hello @Chris_Mooney-Singh, if you reuse a Prezi Next presentation the embedded videos won’t play and currently we are not planning for embedded videos to play with Prezi Video, but we will forward your feedback to the responsible team :slight_smile:

We also have a dedicated forum for Prezi Video, you can check it here.

Thanks, Catarina.

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Is there a way to upload a video to Prezi Video and then add the Prezi graphics to it? Can’t find an easy way to do this in the interface…

Hi @andrew_monaghan,

At this time, neither video insertion neither video upload is possible with Prezi Video, I’m afraid.
I’ll let our product team know about your feedback.
We would also recommend you to use our dedicated forum for Prezi Video, you can check it here.

Hi, I can’t upload a videos to prezi video? That’s really bad, because I wnt to edit the video before using in a presentation. I believe most users won’t use raw footage to make presentations…Besides O already have that video ready, I don’t want to record all again

Hello @gabriel_costa, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Please, check the replies above :slight_smile: