Using embedded videos in the new Prezi Video

Hi Catarina,

Are we going back to silent movies???
You mentioned the new embedded video feature being tested at the moment won’t have audio playback? Seriously? Do you mean we will be able to play an embedded video in our recorded or live Prezi Video presentations without video-audio? If that is the case I see NO value in such a halfway upgrade. If correct, this makes Prezi Video an inferior video creation tool. Is there a technical reason for this lack of audio? Or is this due to a copyright problem of republishing other content inside one’s own content? I can’t see it, though. If Prezi (and we all love Prezi) allows the replay of embedded video excerpts already, this would be no different, copyright-wise, than replaying the audio soundtrack as well. Perhaps I have misunderstood your post.

We have waited a long time. I, for example, first posted a comment asking for this feature in Nov 2019. If your information update is correct, I think we should forget Prezi Video as a viable content creation tool because that is what Prezi Video needs to be in the COVID remote learning and working landscape, not to mention keeping in step with social media. Educators like myself very much expect and would appreciate this feature. Thanks to the Zoom explosion and online classrooms non-video geeks have had to embrace video tech largely due to the massive increase and reliance on online activity because of the worldwide Corona virus pandemic. Thus, the landscape of education and business has utterly changed. Is Prezi keeping abreast? Many may think that Prezi, known for its tremendous innovations will be missing a huge opportunity and be relegated to the lower end of available video content creation tools, reflecting badly on the Prezi branding. As you would know, Powerpoint has long had the ability to screen-capture video excerpts and embed them. This is a progressive feature. To be very frank, this one feature alone has brought me back to Powerpoint while waiting for a Prezi equivalent in this ‘video-is-king’ age. In fact, screen-capture is actually the more sensible way of embedding video because we can cue up the relevant portion and copy and not have to stop and start embedded You Tube videos.
And, while on this subject, what happens if we post a Prezi Video on You Tube or Vimeo with embedded video content? Will we get a copyright strike against our channel or does replaying others’ excerpts fall under educational ‘fair use’? I haven’t checked the Prezi terms of service on this issue, but video without audio makes absolutely no sense, anyway. If this is the upgrade, I think the almost one-year wait for this new feature will be a wasted journey for the 31.6K viewers of this thread, not to mention those who actually asked for it.


There really is no value in this addition at all. Very disappointing considering how long it’s taken to happen. As others have said, online presentation software is the future of both business and education and we chose to invest in Prezi because of how unique and dynamic it is. However, I can imagine others will join the party soon and I can’t imagine the likes of Microsoft will be far behind with a similar presentation tool that ticks all the boxes.

What is the actual reason for no audio and did you guys really think this would be satisfactory? I’m struggling to imagine a single scenario where someone would actually want to incorporate video into their presentation and not want the audio along side it.

We are currently not presenting as we were waiting for this feature as it’s crucial to our presentation. I genuinely believe that once we start rolling it out to our clients it will generate extra revenue for you through recommendations and therefore you’re shooting yourselves in the foot with this half baked update.

With the way the world is right now we all have to adapt our processes to stay afloat and Prezi have a huge opportunity to be an indispensable part of that. I sincerely hope you guys get this right as otherwise we will be sadly forced into looking at alternatives.

Hi @Chris_Mooney-Singh & @Copiers_Printers ,

Thank you for the feedback, and please allow me to give you some more context around the planned release and where we go from here. The reasons for not being able to include sound are technical, and not copyright related. Copyright primarily becomes an issue when re-recording Youtube videos, which is why embedded videos only can work for your local video files, and not Youtube embeds.

Why video without sound first?
The answer is practical. We can release a version without sound sooner than we can release a version that fully supports sound. We have heard viable use cases from our customers for embedded video, even if muted, since it’ll allow presenters to voice-over any moving visual next to them (or zoomed-in full screen). We do understand sound is very important to you, and so many others and we don’t want to stop here. At the same time, we do want to start offering moving visuals at a minimum as soon as possible and not hold it back due to the lack of sound.

(For the curious) the technical challenge of recording sound has to do with combining multiple audio sources, e.g. your presenter microphone + the audio channel that’s playing back from the video. We are looking into the best ways of solving this for Mac & Windows, and we want to make sure the solution works well for both recorded videos but also for video conferencing. We are exploring options, so I cannot promise a timeline yet, but your feedback is extremely valuable and we want to make video-in-video as functional as possible to you. Thank you for your patience so far, and please keep the feedback coming.

Screensharing was also mentioned as an alternative, and it is something we’re looking into introducing as well, as based on your feedback it would work as a nice addition and / or alternative to video-in-video. More to come on that in the future. If you have specific use cases you would use screen-share and video-in-video for, please keep channeling these here on the forum. If you have any questions based on the above, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

Kind regards,
Ben, PM for Prezi Video


Hi Ben, Thanks for your response. With regards to the sound in videos - personally we wouldn’t need multiple audio sources playing at the same time as we have no intention of speaking over the video content we want to use so muting the presenter whilst the video is playing is no problem - although I appreciate others may want to be able to do this.

I acknowledge Prezi are working hard to get this right but still feel rather frustrated that this feature is not fully available. Desperate for it to be available soon!

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Ben thank you for the more detailed explanation beyond “It’s coming”"
I am in agreement with others, video without audio is almost the opposite of help.
For the benefit of others, I am posting y work around while using ZOOM.

Prior to your presentations have your video sources queued up in Google Chrome Tab or open and ready on your desktop/laptop
Zoom Window is open and running
Prezi Video Window is Open and running
During your Prezi presentation,When you graphic appears for the the planned video:
Begin using the ZOOM window controls rather than your Prezi Window

  1. Click Share Screen on Zoom
  2. A white window will pop up and you choose the source you want to share ( Google Chrome, Queued video etc.
    3)) Click share computer audio on ZOOM ( you only have to to this once, even if you are using multiple videos throughout you presentation.
  3. Choose full screen
  4. Hit play
  5. At the end of the video press stop /pause
  6. Press stop Share
  7. Return to using control on Prezi Video

I am not anything close to a programmer, I wonder would’t the solution lie in sharing the screen and share computer audio from Prezi Video?


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Hi all,

I appreciate the additional use-case detail (@Copiers_Printers) and helpful workaround tips (thanks @Karen_Powers). @Copiers_Printers, if you only want the video sound to be recorded, technically we still need to be ready to support recording both (e.g. switching from Microphone to Video source, or combining the two). That is where we are not ready today but looking into potential solutions.

In the meantime, we have just released a first version of video-in-video support on our Windows app, and are targeting a release on Mac later this week. Please stay in touch and keep sharing your use-cases as well as workarounds while together we work our way through this.

Best regards,


Hi Prezi - this is really something I would like to be able to do. I teach media, and not being able to play embedded clips in the recording is a bit issue. Many thanks.

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Adding my comment here for the quickest notification of this update availability.

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Appreciate this! However, unless I am doing something wrong on my end, the audio in an embedded video on Prezi Video does not work. I keep running tests and the audio works when sharing w/ Prezi Next, but no audio using the same presentation in Prezi Video. Is that the current state of affairs?

Hello @Robert_Morgan, for now there’s no audio when playing an embedded video in Prezi Video, you can check further details about this here.

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Really appreciate this explanation. Thank you.
I do disagree a bit in that, as you point out, video without audio does allow me to narrate the video I am sharing so perhaps it’s a use-case thing. I am doing exactly that for an online conference this Friday that Tracy Leonard will be attending.


Hello @Robert_Morgan, you’re welcome. Let us know how did it go, and if the voice over function worked well with the embedded video, we’re very curious for your feedback :slight_smile:

Hi, as a mac user being able to embed videos with audio and run powerpoint animations would make creating videos much more aligned with practice of just standing in front of students. I can appreciate everyone is running to catch up with current circumstances but if this can be achieved that would be excellent.

Many thanks


Agree with so many users that being able to embed video with sound is a necessity. Happy to continue to pay for premium services only if I have this critical feature for recording lectures for higher education courses.
Last update on progress appears to be 21 days out. Hoping this feature arrives soon as it stopped my progress in course prep in my tracks. Back to Zoom recordings with shared screen for now. So disappointed. Will continue to watch as I know you are working!

Hello @Amy_Dorey, you’re able to embed videos and add narrate on top of them, can this also be a possibility for you?

Let us know what you think!

Hi Catarina,

There will be some times that yes, I could use that function but primarily the videos we use are interviews with topic experts. So the sound from these videos is critical. I knew the concept was too good to be true (haha) – I really do understand the challenges of the blending sounds but I sure hope your team is able to determine a way to make it work. The concept of the recorded videos is super amazing especially when the speaker is visible! My students have shared they definitely prefer them. I just use those videos so often for remote learning that to bounce platforms for making recorded lectures creates some its own challenges. I’m going to keep following the thread and keep my fingers crossed.

Thank you for reaching out,


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Hello @Amy_Dorey, thanks a lot for sharing your use case with us, it’s very enlightening and it really helps us to better understand the need for audio!

Keep following this thread for any updated, and we hope you will still use Prezi Video meanwhile :slight_smile:

Adding my comment here for the quickest notification of this update availability and to join the chorus of “make it so”.

I can make do with no audio on videos for now or using the work around Karen_Powers suggested but in the long run not having the ability to play a video with audio in Prezi Video will drive me away from Prezi in general.


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I created a sample presentation in Prezi Next that includes an embedded video. When reviewing it by pressing “Present” in the Prezi Next editor, it works perfectly. When I import that Prezi into Prezi Video, the video loses its audio—it’s silent. Any solutions?

Also, can someone clarify the difference between Prezi Next and Prezi Present? It seems as though Prezi has lost the value of clear nomenclature.

Hi @Kurt_MacDonald, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Please check the answer above regarding the video playback. :slight_smile:

Prezi Present is our new name for anything related to presentations, so Prezi Next included.