Using embedded videos in the new Prezi Video

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I appreciate the additional use-case detail (@Copiers_Printers) and helpful workaround tips (thanks @Karen_Powers). @Copiers_Printers, if you only want the video sound to be recorded, technically we still need to be ready to support recording both (e.g. switching from Microphone to Video source, or combining the two). That is where we are not ready today but looking into potential solutions.

In the meantime, we have just released a first version of video-in-video support on our Windows app, and are targeting a release on Mac later this week. Please stay in touch and keep sharing your use-cases as well as workarounds while together we work our way through this.

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Hi Prezi - this is really something I would like to be able to do. I teach media, and not being able to play embedded clips in the recording is a bit issue. Many thanks.

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Adding my comment here for the quickest notification of this update availability.

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Appreciate this! However, unless I am doing something wrong on my end, the audio in an embedded video on Prezi Video does not work. I keep running tests and the audio works when sharing w/ Prezi Next, but no audio using the same presentation in Prezi Video. Is that the current state of affairs?

Hello @Robert_Morgan, for now there’s no audio when playing an embedded video in Prezi Video, you can check further details about this here.

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Really appreciate this explanation. Thank you.
I do disagree a bit in that, as you point out, video without audio does allow me to narrate the video I am sharing so perhaps it’s a use-case thing. I am doing exactly that for an online conference this Friday that Tracy Leonard will be attending.


Hello @Robert_Morgan, you’re welcome. Let us know how did it go, and if the voice over function worked well with the embedded video, we’re very curious for your feedback :slight_smile: