Using embedded videos in the new Prezi Video

Please also add - PPSX (i.e. powerpoint slideshow) into “Add Visuals” of Prezi Video when adding a new Frame… Now can add a PPTX (i.e powerpoint) , but cannot have it actually play…

Hi, I’m trying to play a video in Prezi Video but none of my embedded videos have a “play” arrow. I have updgrateded to Edu Plus. Can you help? For a presentation on Monday…

Hi @Pamela_Smith, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.
Please note that you can only playback videos from the Prezi Video desktop application, and the audio channel will not play back for now.

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Hello Everyone,
I made a presentation in Prezi with an embedded video. If i play that video inside of Present I can hear the embedded video audio. I now want to share that Present via Zoom so I open Prezi Video, click “Import from Prezi” and select my presentation. After it loads, I click “Video Conference” and choose Zoom. I now move to the embedded video in the presentation and hit play. The issue: I do not hear the embedded video audio on my computer. I also join the Zoom meeting with a different computer and that participant computer also does not hear the audio.

Is this the expected behavior? Ideally I want to “Share Sound” like you can do with zoom when you share your screen. Is this possible with Prezi Video?


I am running MacOS Catalina with Prezi Video Version 1.16.0 (5918)

Hi @Troy_Bouman, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please check the answers above? :slight_smile:

Thanks Bart. I just read the thread. Bummer, but thanks for the information. For the devs, for my application if the audio switched from my microphone to the video while it was playing that would not be an issue.


Getting ahold of any tech support is impossible, so I’m posting here to ask how to fix this. I have Prezi Plus, but when I go to play my pre-recorded videos in the Prezi Video Desktop App there is no audio. I used the Online Voice Recorder link to test my microphone, and it works fine.

Hi @Alissa_Black, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please check the answers above? :slight_smile:

Thanks @Troy_Bouman for your detailed feedback!

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I just watched a zoom meeting where a live presenter was using the video app to show a powerpoint slide deck. But this presenter also had video clips he was showing as part of the ppt presentation. When I have a ppt deck with the video app all I get is an image. Am I missing something?

Hi @Allen_Weiss, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please specify how do you know the live presenter was showing a powerpoint slide? It is possible to import your powerpoint slides via Prezi Present, then insert your video into this presentation and then use it later with Prezi Video to go live.

Currently only the visuals are playing for inserted videos, audio support should come in the future.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Bart…sure, I knew he was using Powerpoint slides since it was on the company’s approved slide deck format. I know you can import video into Prezi Present, but the way he was doing the presentation was in a typical PPT way (slide after slide) - like you get when you import PPT into the video app.