Using JSON Feed in Chart in Prezi Present

How to use JSON Feed in Chart in Prezi Present ?.
Thank you.

Hello @Dary_Saputra_Dary, could you please elaborate on what do you want to achieve?

i want to show live data from json to chart on prezi present… as i know, that on prezi design we can add json data to chart. could i do the same thing on prezi present?

Hello @Dary_Saputra_Dary ,

Currently, this integration is not available for Prezi Present. As you have mentioned, Prezi Design would be more suitable for this.
I recommend creating a presentation-style Prezi Design project where you can add the chart with data uploaded from JSON. Or I can recommend creating the chart in Prezi Design, adding it to your library, and inserting it into Prezi Present.

I hope that you have found this helpful!

thank you for your explanation, it help me. thank you.

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