Using other fonts in Prezi Video

Hi there all !!!
I really find Prezi and Prezi Video cool stuff, but i have a problem that really is creating a big problem:
MANY templates wont support typing in Greek. I understand it must be related with the font. So i think it should be either allowed to change font or fix the problem with fonts.

Hello @Perikles_Mourikis, we are sorry for the inconvenience, currently these are the fonts that are available with Greek characters:

Crimson Text
Droid Sans
Fira Sans
Nanum Go
Liberation Mono
Noto Sans
Old Standard TT
Open Sans
Open Sans Condensed
Roboto Condensed

Let us know if this could help! :slight_smile:

Hi there thanks for the reply.
The thing is i cant find how to use those fonts with Prezi Video.
I cant find if the theme font is customizable.
So far i see that only a handful of prezi video themes work ok

Hello @Perikles_Mourikis, I recommend you to create your presentation in Prezi Next and reuse it in Prezi Video with the Advanced create feature, once the Greek characters will be shown as you can see in this example.

Let us know if this could help!

Shall we use Chinese fonts in Prezi video?

Is there a way to change the font in Prezi Video? I want to type in Japanese but cannot because it doesn’t recognize it.

Hey @Jie_xu and @Edward_Fogell I’ve merged your request to the relevant thread, please check Catarina’s reply above :slight_smile:

The Noto Sans fonts should support Japanese, Chinese and Simplified Chinese characters (Noto Sans JP, TC, SC).

I understand this approach. I used it for Prezi Next.

However, for Prezi Video, we should have a feature to insert Chinese font directly.

This will make Prezi Video so much EASIER to use with ease!

Is there a hack for this?

Hello @Clemen_Chiang, currently the only option would be to use the Advanced create workaround, but we will forward your feedback to our Product team and let you know if there are any developments :slight_smile:

Prezi video font does not suuport Hebrew. Cna u add it?

Hey @Hagai_Sharir I’ve merged your request to the relevant thread, can you check Catarina’s reply above? :slight_smile:

Although middle eastern text alignment is not officially supported, we recommend this workaround:

How can I choose font in prezi video? Did not see the option.



חגי שריר

טל 0522800111

You’ll need to use the Advanced create option where you create a presentation in Prezi Next first, then import it to a Prezi Video :slight_smile:
You should be able to use the Arimo font which supports Hebrew characters.

Hello, I’m trying to change the font applicable for Japanese but it seems there is no function to change the font at the stage of contents insertion.
Could you please advise how to change the font and whether there is the font applicable for Japanese?

Hey @Legg_Mason_Client_Service I’ve merged your request to the relevant thread, can you check my reply above? :slight_smile:

The Noto Sans JP font should be compatible with Japanese characters but you’ll need to use the Advanced Create for that.

unfortunately when writing in greek font only symbols are shown, and i can not use the program

Hello @loisos_sofos, I merged your post with the relevant thread. I would recommend you to check this reply above :slight_smile:

When I activate the prezi video deskop application, there is no way to select the greek font from the ones you suggest.
My current license is Edu Pro.
What should I do to use Greek font in this application?

Hello @loisos_sofos, please check this other reply.

SO… what you are actually say is that we have to find workarounds to do a simple task such as changing a font…
Sorry but this is a “standard” feature for the last 30 years or so…

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