Using pointers and annotate during video

Title says it all.
I am using Prezi Video together with ZOOM for giving interactive live lectures.
It is really sad, there is no such option to point to/highlight to what you are talking about at the moment. Even an option to show the mouse cursor would help a lot.


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Hi @Alexander_Stang,

Thanks for your feedback, this is not available at the moment, but I’ll forward your idea to our product team. :slight_smile:

Currently, you can use your hands to point at parts of the presentation. If you make your content’s background transparent it would be easier to show your hands even behind your contents.

Hope this helps!

I would also love this function. Yes, we can point at things with our hands when we are in Presenter or Overlay mode, but when we are in Slide only mode we have no way to guide our viewers’ gaze. I am telling them “at the right top of your screen…” but we can surely do better than that!

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Hello @Giovanni_Zanovello, thanks a lot for sharing your comment with us, our Product team is already analysing this request, and we’ll let you as soon as we have any news about it :slight_smile:

Without this capability, Prezi and Prezi video are a total non-starter for me. I teach via webinar all the time using MS Teams, Zoom, and GoToMeeting, and the inability to use a virtual laser pointer and to annotate on the screen while presenting is essential.

Hello @Mark_Caudle, thanks a lot for sharing your feedback with us, as mentioned previously, our Product team is aware of this request and they’re currently looking into it!

This is a mandatory feature for me as well. Without it I cannot use the product. Any timeline on when this may be added?

Hi @Pain_Made_Easy, there is no timeline on this feature request, I’ll forward it to our product team.

Hi, I’m wanting the same thing. Particularly when you enlarge a slide, it’s good to be able to point at it. Any progress on this feature?

Hi @Oran_Kivity, there are no updates on this that we could share yet, I’ll forward your feedback to our product team.

I’m wanting to be able to record mouse pointer movements in my videos, because Prezi doean’t support this I’m having to use a screen recorder to accomplish my objective… sure would be nice it this worked in Prezi… :slight_smile:

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I’d be great to get a Prezi Video update soon which includes a pointer/cursor movement and annotation.It’s been a bit quiet lately with updates…