Using Presenter view for Portable Prezis


I’ve downloaded a Prezi onto my local machine and it runs very well! However it would be great if I could use the Presenter view with the portable version, is this possible?



Presenter view is currently only available when using the Prezi Next desktop app, but we understand it could be a great addition to the portable presentation format. We’ll pass this request on to the responsible team!


We have dropped Prezi for conferences for this very reason. Now, if you added this. . . well it could be one thing that keeps us with Prezi.


Thank you! It will be a hugely useful feature as the portable Prezi is the most stable way for us to run them currently.


This is yet another “need to have” for me but of course the Prezi Next answer is “no you can’t”. Lots of people here asking about it but no indication that it will ever happen.

These days, conferences insist on using their presentation PCs for good reason, fiddling with cables and will it work, won’t it work are not a great look at the start of a session. Presentations are submitted and pre-loaded over the network. It just isn’t possible to install the Prezi desktop application on conference presentation PCs, and even if it was, the fact that you need to login with a private Prezi account which gives access to everything, sync Prezis and then log out again in a 2-3 min changeover period between slots just isn’t viable. In any case private data would no doubt be left behind within the now synced App, even if logged out.

The portable download app needs to be fully functional, just no point in having it otherwise.


Thank you for the feedback, @rob_pickering. Please know that we are taking it to our product team.