Using Prezi in Adobe Premiere

Hi community !

I’m using Adobe Premiere ans already have several videos.
I would like to know how it could be possible to use Prezi + Adobe Premiere :

  • Do i have to import Premiere Videos in Prezi and add Prezi Designs in it
  • Do i have to make Prezi Animation first and import it in Premiere ?
    Thanks for helping :wink:

Hi @Christophe_Gilles, could you please let me know what would be your end goal with this?
The best way would depend on what you would like to create. :slight_smile:

HI ! I’m using Adobe to create on line courses (asynchronous, not streaming)
And i would like to add some Prezi elements to my videos

Hi @Christophe_Gilles, please note that Prezi is not directly compatible with Adobe products.

You can record a video using Prezi Video that you can edit with Premier Pro or After Effects.

What kind of Prezi elements would you like to use on your videos?

Ok so i can create presentation with transparent background and import it in Premiere Pro ; right ?
I assume that Prezi have a .mp4 export feature ?

Hi @Christophe_Gilles, if you use Prezi Design, you can download your content in several format, you can find an article about that here.

Hope this helps!

Perfect thank you !