Using Prezi infographics on Wordpress page

I want to use Prezi infographics on a wordpress-blog. Currently I own a “Edu Standard” license. Is there a way to embed my infographics smoothly into the blog?
Or can I only do that if I upgrade to EduPlus and download the infographic as a picture/pdf? If so, I would love to make sure beforehand that it looks nice on the website and it’s worth upgrading. Is there a possibility to get a short free trial for “Edu Plus” if I already have the “Edu Standard” license?
Thanks, Jacky

Here are detailed instructions on embedding your Prezi Design content. This option will be available soon for all Prezi Design users, you won’t need to have a particular subscription. Note that in the case of Wordpress, you need to create a HTML field/section in your page and paste the embed code inside.
Please, let me know if you run into any difficulties!

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Hello and thank you for your answer!
I’ve tried that already, but the button doesn’t appear beneath the Design content. Do you have any idea what’s the reason for that (I thought it was due to my type of license) or where else I could find that button?

Thanks for pointing it out - this feature is currently in the public beta stage and will be launched to all very soon, so - stay tuned!

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Thank you, now I see why I couldn’t find that option.
Can I somehow become a beta tester?

I sent you a direct message.

I also have wondered this, as we would like to utilize Prezi’s in a Website. My frustration is that in coded links it shows the user’s name and the date that the Prezi was added to the website with no function to be able to remove this.

Unfortunately from day one your website starts to present itself as dated.

Hello, Darren!

When the new embed option will be live and available for everyone, you will be able to embed just the Design page itself in your web page, without the username, data, footer etc. We are doing our best and very eager to launch this feature as soon as possible!

Hi I’m a new user to Prezi, and I’m trying to embed a Prezi design into a Sharepoint site. The problem is sharepoint says it only supports iframe code, and the Prezi design embed code only appears with <script. formatting. PLease help, how do I make this work>

Hello, Daniel! This is true - currently, we offer only one type of embed code for Prezi Design projects - async. The reason why we do not provide an iframe code is that it will be a broken experience for most users, as the Design documents do not have a fixed aspect ratio in comparison to Prezi Video or Prezi Present. Hence, what you might see depending on the screen you’re viewing the embedded project on is - extra white space or cut content in your embeds. This is why we do not offer the iframe possibility. You will notice that all tools that offer dynamic content creation will allow only async code embeds as well, for the same reason.

However, there is a workaround - please, copy-paste this code:

<iframe width=“800” height=“700" src=“ ID OF THE SHARED PROJECT/”></iframe>

and replace the ID inside the URL with the ID of your project which you want to embed. The ID of your project can be found by opening the Share dialogue and opening the web page/URL of your Design project (not the editor link) in your browser:

Note: you’ll need to calculate the dimensions of your embed manually, as these will depend on where you will embed it. This project, once embedded, will not auto-adjust for mobile or viewer device’s screen resolution because it is a fixed iframe embed code.

Please, let me know if you run into any difficulties or need any assistance!

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