Using Prezi offline

I have downloaded prezi to my computer, and id like to install it on another computer that does not have an access to the internet. is that possible to install the .exe file without a connection to the internet?


@MICHAL_FRANKEL I’m afraid even though you can install the application while being offline, you need internet connection to log into the app initially and sync your content.

I can’t log into the app in advanced?
that means, that every use in prezi (even through the offline use) requires an internet connection?

In order to use the desktop application, you would need the internet connection at least once every 30 days as the app will log you out automatically in the period.

How can I login Prezi next offline at an offline computer

Hello @Sabina_Klein, I merged your post with the relevant thread. You need to have internet connection in order to login in the desktop application, and as my colleague @Lana mentioned above, you will also need to have connection at least once every 30 days as the app will automatically log you out :slight_smile:

Hello all,

I have a question about the offline access of presentation. Is it just a file that we download and can see everywhere or do we need a desktop app of prezi to see an offline presentation?

Hello @Ines_Haouache, I merged your post with the relevant thread. You’re able to open the desktop app while being offline and also view your presentation, but you need to login while being online, as I explain here.

The downloaded presentation can be opened without any internet connection in any computer :slight_smile:

I had signed into Prezi account no problem @ home where I have internet. At my office, small church. No internet can’t get into Prezi Next to create my Prezi? Also where I present no Internet. I know the infrastructure bill go through internet everywhere? Republicans are trying hard to stop that. So need to be able to use without the internet. Any ideas?
Dr. Mike - macmikeal (at) Mac (dot) com

Hello @Dr_Mikeal_Hughes, you are able to edit and present through the desktop application without internet connection :slight_smile:

When downloading your presentations through the app, you’ll also be able to present them offline and save them in a USB, for example.

Please, note that you need to be connected in order to login, and at least once every 30 days, as the app will log you out automatically in that period.

Hope this could help, and please, let us know if you have further questions!

Ok, got all that. Now I create on one computer present on another. It would be good if I could save a raw Prezi, not portable, on USB take to the presenting computer copy what’s on the USB to the presenting computer and the open the desktop app there and present. Which presents another issue. I want to control my presenting computer projecting through a digital projector, from my iPhone. Any help from you Prezi Gurus appreciated.

Hi i have a situation where I want to create Prezis on the computer in the office. Then put the Prezi, not a portable zip type on a USB. Take that to the auditorium computer where the desktop app is installed and present the presentation there. How can I do that? Anyone to store the Prezi files at a different place? I need access to presenter mode while presenting for the notes. Also need to be able to control the presentation with an iPad or iPhone. Any and all help appreciated. I do over 200 presentations a year so this would help it was down to around 100 or so presentations last year.

Hello @Dr_Mikeal_Hughes, when login in with your Prezi details in any computer that has the desktop application installed, your presentations will be synced and you should be able to present.

You’re also able to use your iPad or iPhone as a remote clicker, you can read more on how to do so in this article.

Please, let us know if you have any other questions!

Thanks for sharing that feedback @Dr_Mikeal_Hughes, you’re able to use your iPhone as a remote clicker through the Prezi Viewer mobile application, as mentioned in the article I’ve sent previously.

As long as your computer is connected to the digital projector, and the remote clicker is successfully connected as well, there shouldn’t be any restraints :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any other questions!

What I want to do is take the presentation off my computer I created it on put it on a USB stick. Take it to the computer I present it on. Open it off the USB into the Prezi Desktop and present without having to take the computer home to the internet to sync. I can’t get the iPhone or iPad to act as Remote (clickers). Says wants an internet connection which I can’t provide where I present.

@Dr_Mikeal_Hughes you don’t need internet connection to use your phone as a remote clicker, you need to have the bluetooth enabled on both devices (computer and iPad).

Do you have the possibility of testing this out before hand?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Had Bluetooth enabled on both devices. I go to Desktop app and choose presentation and then Prezi Remote. Go to the Phone and Prezi Presenter and go to the presentation choose the prezi and start Prezi Remote. I get a screen with a circle that says preparing your presentation and that is where it stays until it times out.

@Dr_Mikeal_Hughes could you please send us the system specifications of both devices so we can check if it might be related to that?

You can also check our system requirements here.

Prezi Present unable to run offline

This morning, while teaching with Desktop release of Prezi Present, the presentation became gray and frozen, with a “waiting” icone turning around endlessly.
I tried to access to Prezi online but the site semmed to have a general crash, for about 5 minutes.
I thought that I could use Present Desktop offline without to worry about internet crash neither Prezi server crash.
I tried to find on the community a way to make sure Present work whenever offline ou while Prezi server crashes but nothing else than previously downloading a exe file of each presentation, which is a big issue, considering that offline function of Present Desktop is supposed to let use our presentation without any consideration of internet or prezi servers.
So I wonder what is the situation about all that.

Hi @Pierre_Descoteaux, please note that true offline access to your presentation is only possible if you are exporting it as a portable presentation.

While you can access and edit your presentations offline with the Prezi desktop app, it will stay in connection with our servers if you have an internet connection. As you’ve mentioned we’ve had server issues yesterday that is solved now.

Were you connected to the internet at the time when you could not load the presentation?