Using prezi offline

Hi Bart,

Thanks for the feedback.

Yesterday, when the servers crached, and so my Desktop app, my internet was on. Of course, because the internet access of my computer is always at “on”. I do not turn it off and on. So if there is a signal, it takes it.

So, does it means that even with the “Plus” subscription, which claims it includes “Offline access (desktop application)”, we cannot have this offline access to run a presentation? For exemple, if internet crashed in class, it is too late to download a exe file, so no presentation allowed (unless we download a exe file each day to be sure, which is not something realistic).

And does it means that if we want to continue to work in all tranquility with the desktop app (faster than webapp), do we have to sacrifice internet access of the computer during this time (required for communication needs) to avoid any crashing related to internet?


Hi @Pierre_Descoteaux Please note that Prezi is designed to work with a stable internet connection, but we do offer some offline features. During a server crash, the question of offline access is a bit tricky.

When you decide to work on a project in your desktop application the app downloads the presentation which should be available in case you do not have internet. In case there is a server issue on our side (which is usually very rare and we work on fixing it with high priority) the desktop application might mistakenly think there is a proper connection, but it is blocked by the server issue.

In these cases, if you turn off the internet access of your device the desktop application should load the presentation completely offline and it would not be trying to access a server that might be temporarily down.

In case you have your presentations preloaded in the desktop application and your internet goes down the presentations should be still available as the application would recognize the clear lack of an internet connection so it would load the offline version of the presentation.

I hope this helps!