Using Prezi on a computer which is never connected to internet is that problematic ?

Hello everybody,

i’m trying to find a good software to make a presentation for SCADA users.
My question is Prezi looks the best solution for me regarding the zooming function, which i’m looking for to build my presentation.
The problem is, on the computer which the presentation will be placed, i have absolutly no way to connect to internet, so if i create the presentation on my pro computer, and then i copy/paste the finalised presentation on this specific computer, will it work or do i need to log in into prezi priori to be able to start the presentation with the windows version software of prezi (or is it existing any prezi viewer, like powerpoint viewer few years ago ?)

Thanks in advance.
Your answer will make one more person happy (or not) .


Hi Paul,

thanks for your answer, in fact the computer will be not anymore connected to internet after i have placed the presentation on it, it means, the presentation will never be updated again on this specific computer, if i will have to do so, i will be able to connect it to internet temporary the time to place and eventuazlly update the software.
Yes that’s why i have asked, to see if i can handle that problem before i can take a pro acount

If you confirm that i will ask my company to get a pro account.