Using Prezi on multiple computers (or IPs)


I read the Terms of Service, but I am wondering whether it is allowed to use my Prezi Plus account on different computers or from different IP addresses. Or will my account get suspended?


Hello @Lander_Sucaet, you can log into your Prezi account on any Windows or Mac computer and can use multiple devices as well.

Dear @Sara!

My company has a Prezi Classic Pro - Prezi Next premium account and I am the only user. Is it allowed to use my account on different computers from different Ip adresses at the same time? Or can I invite somehow other users to our company account? Do we need more license for this?
Is it possible to install the desktop app on two computers with one license?
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Hello @Otilia_Gombas, since you have a single user license I would recommend creating separate accounts, then adding the other users as collaborators to your presentations. Collaborators do not need to have a paid license, they can even use a free Basic plan. You can install the application on two computers with one license, however to be able to work simultaneously on a presentation you’ll need to use the collaborator feature. I hope this helps. If you have any other questions or need further assistance please feel free to reach out to us, we’ll be happy to help.

Dear @Sara!

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Is it possible to create private prezis in the Basic account if I am a collabolator or prezis of my colleague cannot be hidden?

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Hello @Otilia_Gombas, presentations created in a free Basic account are public, they would need to upgrade their license to have access to privacy settings. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Dear Sara,
thank you for your help.

Hello there,

is there any login restriction in the EDU version that prevents me using my account from various laptops? (University often has pre-installed technical devices)

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Hello @Anna_Dick, you can log into your Prezi account on any Windows or Mac computer that meets the system requirements.

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I want to install Prezi, but sometimes i word at my Mac at work and sometimes at home. So I need two Prezis or is it possible to install one on both (I would buy the Offline-Version of Prezi next)?
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Hi @Heike_Hupach, it is absolutely possible with our Prezi Next Desktop application (or higher plan). If you sign up for a yearly plan, then you’ll also get a free 7-day trial to test it.

Thank you.