Using Prezi screenshots on websites

Hi, I’m creating a new web site, and would like to use screenshots from my Prezi presentations there. Is it OK, or am I going to find myself in trouble, violating someone’s copy rights?

Hey @Sigal_Bitzur, feel free to use media such as screenshots of UI elements, tutorial videos, etc., as long as:

  1. You clearly note that all media is used with permission from Prezi Inc. by inserting the phrase:
    “Used with permission from Prezi Inc.” alongside any media.
  2. You represent elements accurately. Please refer to our Press Kit for more information on how to do so.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. Just to make it clear - my question was about screen shots from my own Prezi presentations, not from the Prezi content itself.
Is it still the same?

Hi! This depends, is the new site for profit? If so, the same applies. If not then, when you add images or other content to your presentation, you need to have the proper usage rights beforehand. Using the open, or “rights free”, content from popular search engines (Google/Bing) is not always a guarantee that the content is copyright free. If you wish to be certain that you are not violating any Intellectual Property rights, we suggest only using content you personally create, or to which you own an appropriate license.

Hope this helps.