Using Prezi Video on a live meeting


I have this demonstration/presentation set-up that i frequently use, using 2 screens: a prezi on screen 1 and a machine on screen 2 (the screen of that machine is coupled to the big screen with DVI so the audience can also see that screen in detail).
In a few weeks i will be doing that demonstration at a live-symposium in a venue where they will probably have only one screen.
So i thought about this solution: i point a camera at the screen of the machine, that camera is connected to my laptop and will serve as webcam. By using prezi video i would like to present the machine and the prezi on one screen.
Is there another way than by using teams, zoom etc. (direct to the screen without sidepanel, presenter notes and so)?

Thansk for suggestions!

Hello @Jesse_van_Akkeren, if I understand your use case correctly, you would like to show your Prezi content over the machine’s screen, right?

For this, you could use Prezi Video without connecting it to any conferencing app, but some elements of the UI will still be visible. You can hide the right-side panel from the view menu to minimize the disturbance.

You would need to prepare your Prezi beforehand so the content does not cover most of the screen and there is space for the machine’s screen to be visible.

Hope this helps!