Using Prezi Video when not the Zoom host

Hi All. Prezi-video nut here.

I use Prezi Video for all of my online training courses, and integrate it with my Zoom account.

On Friday, I’ll be giving a speech at a conference hosted on Zoom by someone else. I have my presentation ready in Prezi Video, but can’t work out how to use it when I’m not the Zoom host. Clearly, I’ll have to use my Zoom app to join someone else’s meeting.

Does anyone have a work-around for this please?

Very many thanks in advance!


Hi Tony,

Because Prezi creates a virtual camera, I thought it would be like joining any Zoom meeting. Have you asked the host to trial it to see it works. The only thing is I haven’t tried it on a Zoom Webinar yet.



Hi Andy. Many thanks for your reply.

Following my email to you yesterday, I spent the afternoon experimenting and arrived at your solution.

I set up a new (free) Zoom account, created a meeting, and then joined that meeting from my pro account by pasting the link into the Zoom video conference routine. Works a treat.

Sorry to waste your time on this one.

At the risk of mission-drift, there is one feature I’d dearly love from Prezi Video. When I’m creating a presentation, Prezi gives me a black background. This background becomes transparent when I join it to Zoom for a video conference. Only then can I check that all of my asset transparencies will work. There are two solutions I’d love:

  • to be able to create using my camera as my background
  • to be able to edit my Prezi and have changes show up in the version I’m viewing through Zoom.

Currently, I have to:

  • work through the Prezi while linked to Zoom
  • make the edits using Prezi online
  • shut Zoom down
  • restart Zoom
  • relink Prezi video conferencing
  • check new edits
  • if they still aren’t right, I have to repeat all of this.

As you can see, it’s a real pain.

Love wowing my audiences with my Prezis though…

Best wishes


Hi Tony, actually I don’t shut down zoom, I just close, in the prezi video app, the presentation I was in (prezi video virtual webcam, being disconnected, default back to my direct webcam in zoom), reload the updated prezi I am working on online in prezi video app, and in zoom change the camera to the virtual prezi video webcam. No need to do much in zoom, especially not quitting it… At least on mac. I haven’t checked on windows.
Sometimes the reloaded version is actually still the old one, delays don’t seem to be that clear, online it says that the current version is saved, the snapshot maybe updated for example, and still you can see an old version in the reloaded version. A bit strange, but mostly it works :slight_smile:

Hi Christian. Very many thanks for your reply. I was really hoping the error would be with me as that’s an easy fix! Will definitely try that out.

Best wishes

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