Using Prezi with Google Classroom

We are now starting remote teaching. I would like to add my Prezi video to my google classroom and I would also like to be able to connect my classroom to Prezi for links and activities.

Hey @Beatriz_Draughon I would recommend creating view links for your presentations and then simply pasting them to your classroom. Here’s an article on how you can create the view link.

Hope this helped!

Once the student has the link, what steps must he-she do to view it? Create an account? Download Prezi viewer? I tried to send it but no one can use it…


Hey @Marie-Claude_Monette did you create the link according to the article above or did you just copy it from your browser?

The created link should work, if it doesn’t let us know!


Well, they try to see it with their iPad. They don’t have a Prezi account. I told them to open the link in chrome. Some of them can not see it.

I used the “create link” .

Oh, in that case they will need to use the Prezi Viewer app - it’s available from the Google Play and App Store, and they’ll need to have a free Basic account to be able to view the presentation.

At the moment presentations on mobile devices such as on a tablet or phone need to be viewed in the Viewer app as mobile browsers are not suitable for Prezi presentations.

Hope this helped!

Ok so I Will send them this?

1-download the Prezi viewer app

2-Go to and Create a free account

3-click on my link and you will see the prezi open in your app.

Is that correct?

Correct, they will be prompted to open it in the Viewer app, and the presentation should play beautifully on the tablet :slight_smile:


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