Using Prezi with GoToWebinar

Hi All,

I’m using a Prezi presentation for live webinars with GoToWebinar, and just recently completed the first webinar. There were a couple of issues that I’m hoping someone may help to resolve:

  1. I’m displaying Prezi full-screen for the webinars, and it looks great. However, whenever I click on the GoToWebinar panel (for example, to scroll through the questions), Prezi is reduced back to its standard display. Is there any way to keep Prezi full-screen while using GoToWebinar?

  2. When I’m viewing the Prezi presentation on my screen, the animations look great. But when I used it with GoToWebinar, the jumped from one image to another, herky-jerky style. Is there a way to get the animations to flow smoothly with GoToWebinar?

Thanks in advance for any input/suggestions. : )


Hi Sam,

Great questions!

I’ve gave a training some time ago with Gotowebinar:

  1. To keep Prezi full-screen you shouldn’t open any side bar.

  2. Consider using manual mode to control your prezi with keyboard shortcuts, not autoplay mode.
    If you think, your presentation is nothing working like it should, please check our system requirements, because it might be due to a troubleshooting issue. More information on this here.

Hope that helps!


Hi Nicki, im looking to move from BT to GoToWebinar as I want to do the presenation through prezi rather than powerpoint. Did you manage to get these issues fixed?

Hi Leanne, I encourage you to use prezi for your presentations and that’s how we also give our own workshops. So this shouldn’t be a stopper. Best, Nicki

Hi Nicki,
Im planning to use Prezi for my upcoming webinar and I was wondering if I can have access to the training you just mentioned. Thanks.

Hi, I was wondering whether Prezi has any trainings or advice about how to use Prezi classic with Gotowebinar or gotomeeting platforms?