Using Prezi with Zoom

Dear Community, Are there any templates for presenting in Zoom Meetings? All of my presentations are full screen and cover my face. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @Chase_Smith, are you using Prezi Video or simply sharing your screen showing a presentation through Zoom?

With Prezi Video, the content of your video is automatically displayed in one of the sides so your face is visible :slight_smile: You can also check more information on how to use Prezi Video and Zoom in this article.

Hope this could help!

I do not want to record a video and play it on Zoom. I just want my presentation slides to be able to be placed on Zoom off to the side while in a live meeting.

Hello @Chase_Smith, it’s only possible to do so with Prezi Video, so I recommend you to transform your presentation to a video using the “Advanced create” feature in Prezi Video. You can check how to do so in this article.

You are also able to choose to display exclusively the content in Prezi Video.

A Prezi representative gave an online presentation the other day where he did not show a video, but instead showed a presentation while live. All of his slides were spaced to the right of his face while speaking. That is what I want to do and not record a video that is just watched by an audience. I was looking for a template that already has elements justified to the right instead of having to move things on every slide.

Hello @Chase_Smith, but that’s Prezi Video :slight_smile: You can display your content while showing yourself with your camera.

Hi Catarina, I’m interested in doing this as well. My understanding is that a video is pre recorded. Where I want to deliver my training session on zoom with me in the picture and the presentation to the right. I need to have control of the clicking on the next slide or zoom option. Can Prezi do this and if so can you guide me through it please. Thanks Wendy

Hello @Wendy_Masterton, with Prezi Video you’re able to import a Prezi from the desktop application and then stream it through Zoom live, so the content will show up in Zoom and you are able to control how the presentation will go :slight_smile: I would recommend you to check this article to know more about it.

Let us know if we can assist with anything else!

Hi Catarina,

I could really do with some help. I am trying to do a demo to show our Directors on Friday morning. I am keen to use Prezi for our virtual training sessions but finding the whole thing a bit confusing.

I have tried to upload our current powerpoint into Prezi but it keeps coming up with errors. So will need to do one from scratch. Do I create the slides then record it?

Then when I am on zoom will I appear on the left hand side of my slides?

Is there a step by step guide for complete novices?

Thanks Wendy


Good luck and please post if you get an answer or figure thing out. I know exactly what you are looking for, but I have not gotten a satisfactory answer or found a template that makes it easy. Maybe I was just not asking the right question, but I ended up giving up because I didn’t have the time to keep following up. I was able to upload a powerpoint file to the Prezi video, but the text and images were much too small. Again, some sort of template to use to create and advance slides would be great instead of recording a video that I cannot control.
Also, if you are on a Mac, there are issues with the Prezi Video that will not work on Zoom. I have tried the Chrome route that they suggest, but it has not worked every time reliably, so I stopped using that also.


Hi Chase, Luckily I have a bit of time today and tomorrow to play around a bit. I have actually started from scratch as wanted a plain background to reflect our colours. I will let you know how I get on. I want to be in control of the slides and not feel pressured with a video running in the background. I am using a surface pro so won’t have the MAC issues. I will keep you posted. Regards Wendy

Hello @Wendy_Masterton, you are able to upload your PPT to Prezi Video and you can save it as a draft: you don’t need to record straight away, so you are able to do any changes to it and practice!

Firstly, are you receiving this error message when trying to import your PPT through the app?

I am sending you a detailed step-by-step on how to use Prezi Video with Zoom:

  1. After importing your PPT through the application and applying the desired changes, click on Videoconference;

  2. Then, choose the desired video conference application - Zoom, in this case;

  3. After, please open the Zoom app;

  4. Start your meeting and under “Start Video”, select Prezi Video Virtual camera;

  5. You should be connected to Zoom now, your slides will appear and they will be automatically displayed on the left side of the screen;

  6. A Prezi Video window will also show up, which will allow you to navigate through the content by using the arrows in your computer or the window itself;

I hope this could help, please, let me know if you have further questions :slight_smile:

Any news about Livestream w zoom actually we can t

Hi @Ileana_Rre, our developers are working on the solution and it is planned to be released before the new version of Zoom comes out, which is the 30th of May.

Thanks :pray:t2: I pray for that!


Hi @Catarina . I did so and my presentation got weird. Lost centered, have a screen picture
That doesn’t move. You know how to fix it?
Thanks and best regards.

Hello @Hernan_Chousa, could you explain us which steps have you taken so we can better assist you?

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Hi, Although I’ve been able to create and import a PowerPoint into Prezi and then use the image as a virtual camera in zoom I can’t work out how to take over the screen when it’s my turn to present. Normally, with PowerPoint, I’d select “share screen” so that every participant sees my presentation in a large window. I can’t work out how to create the same effect within Prezi as currently my image is just one of 20 (equally sized participants).

Hi @Steve_Robinson, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Please check this article on how to setup Prezi Video with Zoom.

The setup you have mentioned is a Zoom setting in the conference call. To change that, please check this Zoom article.