Using public templates that don't appear when creating new prezi


When I select create a new prezi, only a few templates show up. I tried emptying the cache as suggested in another post, but this has no effect. I found a template I would like to use by googling “prezi templates tree.” How do I actually use that template? The url below contains the template but no instructions on how to use it. This template does not appear when I open “new prezi.” By the way, I’m using a Mac.


If Prezi Next is anything like Classic, you can only use “Public” templates if it has a Download button. Just because it is a template, does not mean you can use it with Next. . . that is my understanding. The Prezi people can correct me if I am wrong, but that has been our experience.



This Prezi Classic template is created by Prezibase, which is an independent website creating templates and not affiliated with the Prezi presentation software company.

The Prezi template is listed as public, so people would be able to find it better and it can be can be purchased for a small price on the link below: