Using Zoom functions with Prezi Video

I used the Prezi video App with Zoom meeting this morning. I had one screen and found that I was unable to use the Zoom functions of break out rooms, chat etc as i could not see my Zoom meeting. If I use dual screens is it possible to see both Z, meeting and Prezi video.
Also I found that I could not use a wireless presenter with my Prezi video, would anyone know why? thanks

Hi @Carol_Kelly, Could you send us a screenshot of the issue? How do you mean you were not seeing your Zoom meeting?
Normally if you use Prezi Video with Zoom you should have 2 windows, one is Prezi Video where you can control your content, and the other one is the Zoom meeting.

What is the exact model of the wireless presentation that you were trying to use?

Thank you Bart, I am now using two windows and have resolved the issue.

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