UX Improvements to the "Your Prezis" Page: list view and editable titles

I use Prezi to create online course presentations, many of which have names following a naming standard such as: [Module #] : [Module Name] - [Class #]: [Class Name]

The length limitations on the viewable presentation name on the “Your Prezis” page makes it difficult to tell them apart because the beginning of the presentation name is always very similar, for example:

Module 1: Audience - Class 1: Understanding your customer
Module 1: Audience - Class 2: Understanding your product
Module 1: Audience - Class 3: Understanding your brand and style

Unless I roll the mouse over each of the similarly named Prezis it’s very hard to tell them apart.

My suggestion is to add a “list view” option to this page whereby the large tiled thumbnails are replaced with a list view that adds the ability to view the longer presentation titles.

As an additional +1, I would like the ability to rename the Prezi from both the Edit screen and the Your Prezis screen, neither of which appears to be possible right now.

Thank you.