Vector PDF backgrounds

Is there a way to use a vector pdf as a background image?

Currently it’s not possible, I’m afraid. Prezi Next supports JPGs, PNGs and non-animated GIFs as background images. For further info on customizing your background, check out this article.


This is something that the development crew needs to add to Prezi Next. PDF backgrounds that do NOT lose quality! If it is not added, then the templates that have editable backgrounds are worthless.

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Agreed that PDF backgrounds should be a priority. @Vanda I would like to add my name to the list of users that would find PDF background files helpful, and animated GIFs as inserted elements as well. Thanks!!

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Interesting that it is almost a year since we have mentioned this and it looks like nothing has been done about both PDF backgrounds and animated GIF’s. How much longer do you think we have to wait? I know my boss is getting a bit put out with how slow Prezi is addressing anything that customers are asking for. . . @Vanda

We are really trying hard to adopt Next, but so far it has been pretty painful and the background on all of our overviews are TERRIBLE! We have HIGH REZ vector backgrounds and they are BEAUTIFUL and crisp when using them in Classic. When using them in Next, the background MUST be either PNG or JPG and the quality is embarrassing. It does not matter on the quality that we use, the background is NEVER as nice as what your templates show they should be.

We have read, watched and tried the tutorials and yet the backgrounds we get are terrible when put in png and jpg. The PDF is GREAT, but you can only do that in Classic. :frowning:

This is the Classic version, nice crisp background as a PDF that we have been using for about a year now.

This is the Next version. We have tried it in the highest level of PNG and JPG and they are both embarrassingly terrible. This is why we are not using Next for our presentations even though we are trying to make it work.

This has been a problem for over a year and it seems that nothing is to be done about it. PDF files when using as an image for Topics and Subtopics are great, but you cannot do this for the overview. . . . Why???

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@RobinsNest_Pro, we understand how this could be useful and we have merged your post to the relevant thread that is already labelled as an ‘Idea’. We do this to facilitate reporting to the product team.


@RobinsNest_Pro I’m so glad you put an example in here; this really demonstrates a critical issue. I’ve never tried to zoom in on something so specific as what you’ve shown, so having the side-by-side comparison definitely helps me to understand, and it also shows need for major improvement. Does it behave the same if you try to save the background more generically and add the characters, etc. separately? Just curious. I’d be disappointed as well if this was happening to my work.

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Yes. We have tried everything to sharpen the background and individual elements up and nothing has worked since Next will not allow PDFs as background. This is a MAJOR reason why we do not use Next and we have been commenting on this for over a year but it has been ignored. I know that many of my posts are fair negative, but THIS is why. Why does it take over a year and year still not get this fix??? If we could use Classic without having to have the subscription we would drop Prezi in a second, but Classic gives us the quality, stability and features that Next just does not have.

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This is a continuing problem with the lack of quality of overview backgrounds. We are using a JPG that is more than 1mb in quality. In other programs (including Classic), we zoom in and it is very good, yet ONLY in Prezi Next, the quality is embarrassingly unprofessional.

PLEASE make PDF’s available for the overview page ASAP (shorter than the typical year that you have taken to make other changes)

We are really trying to make Prezi work but the shortcomings of Next and the lack of adding needed features or improving features in a timely manner is causing us to look elsewhere even when we don’t want to!

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@RobinsNest_Pro, I have merged your post to the relevant thread. As I have mentioned earlier, keeping all the relevant posts on this subject in one thread makes reporting more efficient. Please feel free to add any comments connected to PDF backgrounds here, we welcome any feedback and suggestions.

You did not address our situation . . . . It is also interesting that we just added onto this thread NOT started it. This IS about PDF backgrounds! So we are very confused about 1) Prezi continually NOT addressing issues when they are brought up by multiple customers and 2) saying that our post is being merged to another post when our post IS about this issue.

PLEASE answer the feedback: The way Next processes PNG and JPG backgrounds are subpar and are causing significant problems for us to go forward with Next. We have spent DAYS trying to create “workarounds” so that our presentation is not embarrassing. So far the background is STILL bad (prior post) AND the silence from Prezi is very disconcerting. All we are asking is for an answer! :frowning:

@RobinsNest_Pro as we have mentioned before, our product team is aware of this request, once we have any information from their side, we will communicate the changes accordingly, as we always do. The reason @Lana merged your question to this thread is that if the requests are in the same feed, it’s easier to show numbers in our reports. Thanks for your understanding!

A year and a half, and STILL no PDF Backgrounds. Wow. Talk about ignoring your customers.

What is surprising is that, in prezi classic this feature was available from the very beginning, you have launched a “New and Advanced product” and in that this super important feature is not present! Background is the core of any presentation. In fact half of the time people spend behind a correct and meaningful background. You are reducing the number of prezi a person can create, increasing price and so many important features are not ready after one and half year. Its very difficult to understand where is prezi heading now.

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We believe the very same thing. In fact we are moving our stuff back to PowerPoint now since we have been able to create some amazing new effects with the new PP and in lest time than most of the Prezi Next “work arounds” which seem to be the only way you can really make any amazing Prezi Nest presentations now. . . Very sad indeed. . . :frowning:

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Suffered a lot for this reason.
Not a single background I design and no matter what format or size I use. And now I can’t even get to edit a prezi classic presentation, it shows an error. I’m annoyed and suffering from this.

@Niaz_Ahmed We are sorry for the difficulties, could you send us the link of the presentation in question and let us know what the error message says?