Venn diagram help/workaround



I’d like to create a Prezi based on a Venn diagram style.

While I can create the three intersecting circles I’d like to be able to have a clickable area in each of the intersecting areas as well, plus a final one in the middle where all three intersect. The idea is to be able to click in each area of the diagram and it’ll zoom into a topic/slide with more info in it explaining how the two overview topic circles interact.

Can anyone please suggest a practical workaround to achieve this? Perhaps using transparent shapes?



Would something like this work?

Planet topics with overlapping topic covers


Can it be done with three more topics which fit inside each of the overlapping circle sections (the eye-shaped intersections between circles A/B, B/C and C/A), and a final one where all three circles intersect?

Could it be achieved by using custom shaped topic covers? Or are just the preset options of circle/triangle/square available? That’s possibly a workaround if you can create custom shaped covers.

Being able to do Venn diagrams would be a very useful addition to Prezi. The interface and flow seems ideally suited to it - it just needs a way to overlap topic covers and then have the intersecting areas also become topic covers (or have custom ones placed overtop).

Thanks for any additional suggestions.


@Prezibase’s solution is elegant (as usual :relaxed:) and nice-looking, my tries in overlapping covers often lead to a known problem:

But I tried it…

The Venn diagram has a CMY colour circle image behind, seven transparent covers are placed above in the foreground without overlapping. A fragile construction which does not fit completely.

The Euler diagram contains three true covers which overlap. To move the cover “C” inside “BC” and “ABC” I increased it to a very large size and subsequently decreased it until it fits. Very fragile, too. The construct bursts very easy, e.g. if you use the mouse to move.

Here’s the Prezi, I’ll leave it alone to be on the safe side. :sweat:


Yes you can also add topics into the overlapping sections in the example, but it would be much easier if Prezi Next allowed overlapping of default topic covers.

The example was actually made with custom topic covers. A circle with the same color as the topic was inserted as the topic cover(the outer circle that has a little transparency) but you can use any image.


Hi there,

thanks for the tips. I think the main issue with using any image as a cover topic is that they will always have a shape which is square/rectangle. If a completely custom shape could be used (such as the shape of the intersecting area on the Venn diagram) it would make these types of diagrams much more functional.

The example above is a workaround which works but it still depends on a user clicking basically on the title cover and not just the whole area it sits in.

Thanks for the help - I’ll make it like this in the meantime and tweak it as new functionality is introduced.


We are with you on this frustration. We were going to use something like this with Next, but the FORCED 3-D effect is making many of our actions impossible to do. We are now currently only using CLASSIC (soon to be unusable when Adobe stops Flash) and now using PowerPoint for our presentations using this kind of graphic, which you can NOW zoom in just like you do with Prezi using some of PowerPoint’s new transitions. Prezi, are you listening? PowerPoint IS now being able to do many of the things that Next can do. Bring back the AMAZING Classic functions in Next!


Here is a workaround we discovered that allows you to actually overlap topics in Prezi Next. Instead of simply moving (which is impossible) you can resize one or more topics on top of each other. Made a small GIF to illustrate: