Version history

is there one now december 2nd 2015 

Has it been developed yet?

has it been develped yet because someone is harassing me on Prezi and changing all of of my prezis and writing rude comments  and i want to know who 

somone just deleted around 30 slides on my prezi and I need to know when and how they did it and also if I can see what to restore

please help

thank you

the link to my prezi is :

Than you so much

Has the editing history been developed yet?

Prezi Deleted half my project and it is due today!

Half of the information within my project deleted, we saved our work, and the next day when we opened it half of it was missing.
Here is the link to the presentation

Please guys! I’m a desperate now, I done a prezi as a new years surprise for my bf, I saved this and I doublechecked this. After two days it was still good, and now it delated half of the content : could you help me to restore this?