Version of Prezi that one can purchase outright,... PLEASE!

Will there ever be a desktop version that can be purchased outright without a continuing license fee? I would love to see that option.

We don’t currently offer this but I have changed to status of this to an “idea” so our dev team can review it.

Angelie,…you are truly an angel!!! Thanks you!

Well now it is 3 years onwards when WILL we have a purchaseable version

I would  have bought Prezi three years ago if you’d offered an affordable “lifetime” license. I would never pay monthly or yearly fees for softwares like this one, which is the reason I still don’t own a Prezi license but looked for alternativ tools like Fo… instead. For less the price of a yearly Prezi Pro license they offer a lifetime license.

Imho, Prezi team should strongly consider Prezi’s license model. The current one is a no-go for many interested people thus making competing products successful.


AMEN to that brother!!! I know for a fact that in my circle of peers we all feel the same way! The ONLY one that benefits from this so called monthly subscription is PREZI!

Honestly,…I detest that whole business model and I would never want to be stuck paying over and over for something that will most likely not be worth it in the end…or at the very least,…such a limited return on my investment.

It’s a real simple,…just as it was back when I started this post years ago… offer the program outright and let the customer be the judge as to whether or not he/she wants to upgrade as/if the upgrades come out.

Because I don’t want to pay for versions I don’t want. I am no longer upgrading since you are no longer supporting having non-standalone files in places outside Prezi. I myself and other professionals have made serious comments about that. (I have a Pro license.)

I just examined the latest version. In the meanwhile it has become possible again to save a pez-file. However, as a user you now have one file in up to three places (cloud, local, pez-file) which can get out of sync with each other.

For instance: I save a Prezi under a filename. I or a coworker edits it on another machine. I open it on my own machine afterwards without knowing/realising the file has changed, for instance because it was a while ago. Prezi still thinks it is the old version and although you can import it as new, there seems no reason to do so. Later you export it again to the same external file: all your changes made in between are gone.

Besides that: it is non-standard, extra effort managing pez-files this way. Now it is left up to the user to sync between offline Prezi’s and pez-files. Quite error-prone and an extra task for the user.

PLEASE change this way of managing files to something more user-friendly.

I used to be a real Prezi-advocate. Even gave a Prezi workshop for the lecturers at my university. As UX-professional I really have become more and more disappointed since then.

As soon as an alternative ZUI-presentation program comes along I will seriously consider it.

So, still seven years on from “idea” status and still no license. Lapsed licenses, no progress.