Video and audio are out of sync

My video and audio in the prezi video presentation are not in sync and there is a lag in the video. Could you help me rectify the problem?

I also have this problem having just signed up and paid today. Using Windows 10 and the version of the desktop editor that I downloaded yesterday.

Hi @Gokul_Ganesan, and @Tom_Norton, could you explain to me the issue in more details? Do you have an example video you can share with me?

Hi – I only downloaded the programme yesterday so it should be the latest version. An example of the problem is in this video:

The title slide was up for much longer than this – you will see at the end the commentary is still audible but it appears that my son, presenting, is no longer speaking. You’ll notice throughout
that he appears to be reading a different slide to the one on the screen.




Hi @Tom_Norton, could you tell me which operating system do you have on your computer?

Hi – Windows 10 Home version 1903, fully updated. 64 bit.


Hi. There is a lag between the audio and the video. They are not in sync. I sought help from the support team of Prezi and shared the config of my machine. I have been advised to keep less number of running applications and have my RAM clear and try. But on repeated trials I am still not happy with the performance.

Hi @Tom_Norton, and @Gokul_Ganesan I’m sending you each a private message to be able to better help you.

I’m having the same issue. I just signed up today and my audio and video are out of sync. Did anyone find a solution?

Hi @Crystal_Washington, the issue is being investigated right now by our developers. Could you send me an example of your issue as well?

Hi there! I’m also having the same issues using a Mac Version 10.14.6. I tried several times and always had the same issues.
In this example the first 20 seconds are ok, but then around 0:34 some seconds of the audio are missing and from now on the video is out of sync.

Hi @Claudia_Alraum, did you use the Desktop Application to record this or the online editor?

Hi @Bart! Yes, I used the Desktop App on my Mac.

Thanks for your answer @Claudia_Alraum.
Was this video already out of sync in the window when you could Trim the beginning or the end, or it became out of sync after when you received the final version?

Hi @Bart! Actually I don’t know if the video was already out of sync when I could have used the Trim function - as I didn’t want to trim anything. Therefore, I only checked the final version.

Hi @Claudia_Alraum, do you have any other videos where you experience the same issue?

Hi @Bart, unfortunately I don’t have any other videos as I deleted them after finding out about the delay.

nobody answer here, I see so many questions and none answer!

Hey @celina_mendoza we have to check on our end unfortunately with videos where the issue persists as well as the environment they were created in to try and find the root cause.

Are you experiencing the issue as well? Could you bring an example so we can try and replicate the issue? :slight_smile:

I am also having this issue-- I just joined today. Please advise how to solve! Thanks you.