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Hi everybody,

I’m working on a Prezi in wich there will be 7 videos (more or less 15 sec each).
This Prezi will be presented in autoplay mode set to 4 sec and the videos have to play automatically and in fullscreen.
All videos are in .flv format and are defined as a path (no frame around them) so that tey can be played automaticcaly.

I’m struggling a bit with videos in Prezi because I’m experiencing the following problems:

  • in edit mode when clicking the Present button, videos are played automatically :slight_smile: and in fullscreen :slight_smile: but the presentation is going to the next frame before the end of each video (after 4 sec) :(.
    I’am experiencing the same behavior in offline mode with the downloaded presentation.
  • when playing the presentation online (after quitting the edit mode) the videos are played automatically :), the presentation wait the end of each video :slight_smile: but the video are not played in fuulscreen :(.

Hope someone could point me to the solution.

Best regards

Now to address the issues one by one:

I have a video streaming from youtube.  I have it set to autoplay on 4 seconds … the video is 1 minute long but no matter what I do it goes to the next path after 4 seconds.  Any way to fix this ?

Hello Dave,

You’re surprising me a bit.
Cause, if I well understood the documentation, a YouTube video doesn’t autoplay only imported video set as a frame.


I’m very confused and on a tight deadline.  How can I add the video to the path and it stops where the video can be played?  Sorry I’m very new to Prezzi.


Have you try to save your Prezi, quit the esitor and play it online?
I’m experiencing the same problem when previewing a Prezi or playing it offline. But Online it’s working for me.


Right now I only have two items in my path, the first is a frame, the second is a YouTube video (not in a frame but added to my path).  

When I auto play, the first time through it goes nicely from the frame to the video and plays through the video. It automatically restarts back at the frame, then transitions after the appropriate time to the video, but does not play the video, it just sits there for the appointed number of seconds, then goes back to the frame.  The next time it goes to the video, the video plays through as expected.  If the playback continues, every other time it plays the video, but then the next time it doesn’t!  It doesn’t matter how many seconds I choose at each path item.

Why doesn’t the video play each time through the autoplay?


I can’t see how to get a link to it.  I’ve moved it from “Only on my computer” to “Synced with Prezi”, but when I click on the prezi in my library, I don’t get the option to share it (or any buttons below it) as shown on  Perhaps I am not really in my library?

Today the behavior seems a bit more random.  On a 4 second autoplay, it only stays on the YouTube video page for 4 seconds the first time.  After that, when it comes back to the page, it may or may not play the video…



Ok, found it!  Had to go to, not be in the prezi app.

Thanks, Vera. I’m running the prezi locally, in the prezi app on my Mac, not in a web browser.  I’ll try it as a portable prezi, which would be best as an end result anyway.

It’s still not always playing the YouTube video (I downloaded the portable version and ran the file from within the download directory).  The first time it got to the YouTube video, it only stayed there for 4 seconds.  The second and third times it played the video.  The fourth time, it only stayed there for 4 seconds.  This on a iMac running OS X 10.9.5  with GB network speeds.  So that and the fact that in Autoplay the view time duration for a frame is not adjustable on a per frame basis make prezi not usable for the upcoming “dynamic” presentation.  I’ll try again on another occasion.

I really haven’t been working on line–I’ve built my prezi in the Mac app and would prefer to keep things local.  In fact, I’d prefer to run my video locally (the one in the presentation we’ve been testing is a dummy) but I’ve been reading there are more issues there that require work-arounds in order to stay at the video for its full length when using autoplay.  I need to finalize the format for my presentation now and move forward.  Thanks for all your help.

So… autoplay for embedded videos is not available? This is a huge problem for me. :frowning:

I saw in a separate thread that this issue was sent to the developers a few months ago.  Has there been an update?  I, too, am experiencing this behavior across different network connections, browsers, web client/local client, and even hardware configurations.

To be specific: this issue is that streaming youtube videos play the length of the autoplay interval on the first loop (4 sec), then on the second loop it plays the remainder of the video (which is longer than the interval setting).  Embedded videos seem to function as intended, though an option for them to play to completion would be nice too.

More detail: the video is not in any frame and in the “left left” path, it has its own node.  The thumbnail is all that shows in the node, as advised in another thread.

Link to the specific testing prezi:

Final note:  Upon further testing, it appears that the video plays correctly in edit/canvas mode; however, it performs the above behavior when on the ‘landing page’ ({identifier}/{title}/) “Link httpprezicomidentifiertitle”). 

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Vera,

Is there any update for the auto-play feature with videos, and if it is something that is being looked at by developers?

The workaround with the microphone is correct but it doesn’t allow the presentation on a loop.

I have tried everything so far and am becoming frustrated as it should be a simple process.

Just wondering if the customization for times between frames is something that you guys are working on at the moment?



Prezi should provide a voice over file that we can set to certain lengths and embed in our slides.

The designers must be pretty lazy to know a work around for over 3 years and not actually make a fix, whether based on the work around or not.

This might help some users who want a standalone autoplayer…

Autoplayer for Windows PC (portable Prezi)

See them all here:

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