Video animation sequence - how to



I want a video to play full page then fade out and type fade on. I’m not having any luck doing this simple thing.


Hello, @Staci_Friedel. Please know that you can apply fade in and fade out animation on the video and then also apply fade in animation on a text that follows it. You can read more about animations here.

In order for us to be able to suggest the most optimal solution for your presentation specifically, it could be helpful if you could also share a link to the presentation.

I hope this helps.


What I actually need is for video to play (full screen) automatically (no click needed), then have type come up automatically (no click needed). Is that possible? My presentation is here and I have made screen shots with notes attached here that probably best explain what I want to do.


You cannot avoid clicking through (unless you put the presentation on autoplay). However, you can achieve the sequence showed below:

These are the animations used: