Video as Background




is it possible with prezi next to use a video as background?

best regards


Hi, @Achim_Kuhnle. Currently, it is not possible in Prezi Next. But maybe we could offer some kind of a solution? How would you like your presentation to be?


Hello Lana,

thanks for your quick response. If it is not possible to work with an video as background, is it perhabs possible to work with an animated background (e.g. animated gif)?

Attached you will find a screenshot of the startscreen. Idea of the presentation is that the structure (grid) of the background is animated.

Is there any possibility how we can solve this?


As you can see from this thread, animated gifs are currently under discussion but it is not yet possible to insert them.

I am sorry for any inconvenience.



Another short question regarding videos …

Is it possible to setup videos on autoplay when the site is opended?


Currently, the autoplay feature is only available for downloaded presentations.

Please know that you can make a screencast of a presentation with one of these tools. On a Mac, the built-in QuickTime tool can do it as well. Then a recording can be embedded in a website and set to autoplay.

Please feel free let us know if you need any further assistance.


I need that too. :wink: