Video file size and embed limitations




Does anyone know what limitations there might be with loading video into a presentation?

I would like to load 20 x 50MB videos into one presentation. Will the presentation cope with this much video content? Will there be any performance issues? Is it better to embed it all from YouTube?

Any help much appreciated.



Our recommended maximum size for a video file is 50MB. If you wish to insert 20 videos with this size, it most probably will cause performance issues or lagging, but it is also connected to the specifics of the computer you’re using.

If you need to insert so many videos, it might be a better idea to embed them from YouTube but please note that you’ll always need an Internet connection to present your presentation.


Thanks Vanda. It looks like YouTube is the way to go.
If I put the videos into the presentation and then downloaded it as a standalone file, would there still be performance issues (assuming people are
using the correct computer specifications)?


20 videos in a presentation would be very demanding even for a very strong machine, even if it’s a standalone file. What I would suggest to either use fewer videos or compress them to a smaller size if it’s possible.


That makes sense.

Thanks Vanda!


You’re very welcome, Paul, have fun creating your presentation!


Hey, a great free compression program is Handbrake. It’s a bit technical as it’s for pros, but you can use a slider that adjusts your compression level and it can easily make your vids 10X smaller and still look pretty darn good.

The compression slider has the best labeling I’ve seen:


Thank you for the suggestion, @George_Greene.