Video file size

hello, I am new to Prezi Video, and have some experience with Zoom videos, and I find a HUGE difference in file size of both, I recorded in Zoom an almost 2 hours of a class and it took 300 MB and a a 7 minutes video in Prezi takes 450 mb for social and 106 mb for mobile, Is there any way of configuration video for generation of smaller filesize? Thank you in advance, sorry for my English. Victor (profesor in Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Hi @victor_maesschalck, welcome to our forums!

Please note, that the only configuration options you have are at the end of the recording where you can select your output needs (social media, original, mobile).

You can compress your video with online tools or 3rd party editing software, or you can upload your video to Prezi and share a link with your audience. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

Hi Bart, thank you for your answer.
The great great amazing thing about Prezi Video is its simplicity, so, if I have to use aditional resources to get a decent video file size, would be less simple, I wonder what is the video configuration standard in Zoom so they can deliver a 2 hours of very decent video quality in 350 - 400 mb? It would be posible in Prezi Video have a similiar quality / file size?
Sorry for my English, cheers from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hi @victor_maesschalck, thanks for your feedback, I’ll forward it to our product team!