Video length

about the max. length of videos in basic program, is it 15 minutes for each video or 15 minutes of accumulative?

Basic: Unlimited public and reusable videos in our online editor (max. length:15 minutes), 720p recording, and streaming options in the desktop application.

Hi @RIDWAN_DWIBEKTI_THERIK, it is 15 minutes max per video and it only applies to the web version. :slight_smile:

I have an edu plus account. yet there is still a 15min limit when i record a video. why is this?

Hi @Abdul-Wadud_Ahmed, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please check the answer above?

This is quite annoying. i started using the web version to record as the quality is good. When i record with the software version that i downloaded the quality is very bad. what am i supposed to do?

Hi @Abdul-Wadud_Ahmed, could you please share a screenshot of the bad quality of the desktop app? Could you also tell me what device do you use and what OS do you have installed?

Im using a iMac 2021 with the latest OS installed.

Thanks, @Abdul-Wadud_Ahmed, there is currently a known issue with the quality of video on M1 devices. A fix is being developed and it should be implemented in the next version.

When will this be released?

Hi @Abdul-Wadud_Ahmed, there is no ETA I can share right now but it is in the near future.

Hello :wave:,

is thera a file size limitation for prezi videos hosted on the prezi servers or a time limit of storage?
If a lot of people making videos there is a lot of space needed in a short time.

Thanks and greetings

Hey @Philipp we have no file size limitation, however the video length is capped at 15 minutes in the online editor. In the desktop app, you have unlimited video length, the file limit is up to your hard drive size.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Hello Sam,

thanks for your reply, so I can record my whole presentation, upload to Prezi and give the link to my students. :ok_hand:


Hey @Philipp absolutely, you can alternatively upload the video to YouTube as well or any other video sharing site.

All right :+1: