Video stuck during processing

I created my slides and video presentation and then clicked to save it. The screen (w the video showing in the background), immediately froze saying 98% and hasn’t done anything. I tried copying the link (for the page) but that only gives me my slides with NO video. I pressed preview my prezi, but I then get the “Lost in Space” error. I did not lose internet connection. How can I get this to finish saving? Or am I doomed to re-record another live video presentation?

Hi @Kathryn_Eaton, I’m sorry to hear that your video got stuck during saving.
Could you send me the link so I can check it further?

I have exactly the same issue as raised above by Kathryn_Eaton - I can’t provide a link because the screen is frozen.
this is the third time it has happened (in a row on different days)…can you help to explain the reason for this please. The videos were only about 5mins. My data connection is very good.

Hi @Mark_Jackson, Could you please let me know if you have used the browser version or the desktop application of Prezi Video?
Are you on a Windows or a Mac system?
How much of the screen is frozen? Is it the whole computer or just Prezi Video?

I’m having the same issue. My presentation is stuck on 93%. I haven’t done anything that would cause it to stop uploading. I’m on prezi browser on a windows laptop. I cannot record my video again and I need it for online class by the 4th. Please help!

Hi @Ellen_McEnroe, could you please open up the Developer view on the stuck upload page, select the tab called “Console” and send me a screenshot of that?

You should be able to open the Developer View with CTRL + ALT + I.

Hi @Bart I’ve managed to record my presentation again. Thank you!

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I’m having the same problem too, I’m using the browser on a mac. I tried retaking several times but it isn’t working. I have to submit my project until tomorrow help please :confused:

My video is not processing. I have tried recording on several different computers but it will not process.

Hi @hi_tehe, @Elivia_Edge, could you please send me a screenshot of the Console while your video is being processed?

You can open the Developer view by Option + CMD + I on a Mac or ALT + CTRL + I on Windows, then please click on the tab called Console.

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I’m also having the same issue. My Prezi Video stopped uploading at 99%. I’ve been waiting almost 30 minutes, but I doubt it’s going to end well. Should I just rerecord?

Here’s the URL:

Hi @Addie_Scoggin, we are checking on the video and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hi @Addie_Scoggin, we’ve managed to recover the video and I could upload it to your account, please let me know if I should proceed!

Hi, Bart:

Thanks for your help! Yes, please upload it to my account. That’s great.

Addie Scoggin

Hi @Bart I am having the same problem uploading my video, it stops at 45% I waited for 2 hours but nothing happen. I recorded my video with the prezi video desktop app. here is the link:
could you please assist me?

thank you in advance

Hi @Bart I have the same problem it is at 93%. Can you please help today:)

Hi @Manuel_Rosas_Vazquez, we are checking if we can find your video. As you have recorded with the desktop app do you still have the option to save it locally on your computer?

@Joel_Schlemko, could you please tell me where did you record your video? In the desktop app or on the browser? Could you also send me a link if you have one?

@Addie_Scoggin, I’ve managed to upload the video to our servers, I’ll let you know once it is available on your account!

Hi @Addie_Scoggin, the video should be on your profile now.