Video stuck during processing

I created my slides and video presentation and then clicked to save it. The screen (w the video showing in the background), immediately froze saying 98% and hasn’t done anything. I tried copying the link (for the page) but that only gives me my slides with NO video. I pressed preview my prezi, but I then get the “Lost in Space” error. I did not lose internet connection. How can I get this to finish saving? Or am I doomed to re-record another live video presentation?

Hi @Kathryn_Eaton, I’m sorry to hear that your video got stuck during saving.
Could you send me the link so I can check it further?

I have exactly the same issue as raised above by Kathryn_Eaton - I can’t provide a link because the screen is frozen.
this is the third time it has happened (in a row on different days)…can you help to explain the reason for this please. The videos were only about 5mins. My data connection is very good.

Hi @Mark_Jackson, Could you please let me know if you have used the browser version or the desktop application of Prezi Video?
Are you on a Windows or a Mac system?
How much of the screen is frozen? Is it the whole computer or just Prezi Video?