Video stuck during processing

I also created my video and it’s stuck yet I need it before midnight, please help me.
here is the link

Hi @Crystal_Ishema, could you please tell me if the upload is stuck in the desktop application or in the browser version? Do you have a link to the video as well or only for the draft template?

I am trying to upload an unlisted video to my Prezi account. It stops uploading and returns to the “upload to Prezi account” window.

Hi @Kerrilee_Wing, could you please send me a screenshot of the issue?

I am Also facing the same problem

Video is not getting uploded earlier it was struck at 99 % then i had to refrest the window, and currently it says 0 % uploded. i tired multiple refresh. - but of no use

@Bart Could you pls help, i am unable to upload this video last time is showed it has uploaded 99%

Hi @Shreshta_Rupa_Dasa, this issue is related to our full site outage that is happening right now. Our developers are working on the solution.

Thanks, hope my video will be available after your site is restored

Hi Bart, I am experiencing the same issue. My video was at 99% for 30mins and it doesn’t seem to be uploading. Also a 5minutes one, any change on recovering it?

Hi I am experiencing the same problem. I tried to upload a video and it was stuck at 99% for 30 minutes and then was lost. I rerecorded another version (5:20 long) and tried to upload that one but it is stucj at 0 percent. I need to upload this project so I can submit it for school. What should I do?

I’m stuck on “Processing your video
Almost there! Your video is uploaded and will be ready in a few minutes” over 1 hour by now

@Bart, my video is stuck at processing it has been processing since 8pm last night and it is currently 8 am. Is there anything I can do to save my video?

Hi everyone, this is caused by the issues our infrastructure provider was experiencing yesterday.

Could you please check back on your videos in 2 hours and let us know if they are still processing or stuck anywhere?

I have a browser upload that is also stuck at 99%. Log In | Prezi

I’m having the same problem. Stuck on 99%. I need my video today. Can anyone assist?

I’m having a similar issue, when uploading a presentation to a public or private link it won’t upload past the 45% mark, is there some way to fix this issue? I was using the Prezi Video App for Windows

@Bart I am having the same problem. Recorded a video, submitted, and now it says “your video is processing almost there! Your video is uploaded and will be ready in a few minutes.” Assignment is due at midnight.

Hi everyone, could you please send me a link to your stuck videos so we can better help?

@Marlone_Beltran, your case should be different than the videos getting stuck on 99%. When the video is standing on 45% it is still processing the recording, so you’ll need to wait for more until it’s finished.

Hi Bart,
My video has not uploaded at all. It is not processing and I have tried to refresh multiple times.
I need it the video urgently as it is due. Is there any way for you to recover the video? When I tried going onto the presentation from the dashboard it said I had not edited it today, and was only show the presentation and not the video. I was using the Prezi browser and I think it might have been because I tried to make it private instead of public however I am not sure.