Video stuck during processing

Hello @minato, thanks for the details.

The screenshot upload is a different issue, I’ll check that with our forum provider.

Do you have a video link as well? The one you’ve pasted is the link to the presentation.

I don’t have that link anymore, i let it upload for an hour or so didn’t work,kept going on a loop.So i closed off the tab.

Hello @minato, please note that without the link to the unfinished video we might not be able to see what the issue is.

Could you please try again and see if the video upload works fine?

oki it suggested to retry

stuck at 98 at the moment

Hello @minato, thanks for the link. Is this the link for a new video you have tried or a link to the original one?

Does all the video get stuck at 98% for you?

Please help! My video is stuck on 98% processing. When I go to the video link, I get a message that my video will be ready in a few minutes. That was over 12 hours ago.

Hello @Tracey_Williams, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please send me a link to the video?

Hello @Bart,

My video is stuck processing (I am using the browser version of prezi on a windows computer). Can you help me fix this? Here is the link:

Thank you.

Hello @Bart

My Prezi video has been stuck at 99% for about an hour as well. Log In | Prezi

Any way to fix this? Thank you.

Hello @Lucas_Miller, I’ve sent you a PM to better assist you :slight_smile:

@Laura Hello, is there any way you can help me with my video?

Hi @Empathetic_Future, I checked this with our developers.

The video did not seem to be uploaded to our servers. This could be due to an unstable internet connection or a firewall blocking your access to our servers.
If you didn’t upload another video since you can refresh this page and you will be offered to retry the upload.

I hope this helps!

HI! i also came to the stuck thing, can you help me?
here is the link: