Video thumbnails

Please, help me. How to set my own thumbnail for video? I really need this. 

Good morning.

Is there already a solution for this problem?

I have important presentations from Sunday onwards and I am not sure that I have internet available on the presentation spot.


Hi Vanda, only one at this moment.
Since I do not know how to open a private topic, I just will copy the link here, there is nothing to hide…:wink:

The problem is the movie in slide 2, the other ones I can live with.
I just need to get it to show frame one when not running and the last frame when finished, both company logo…

Next week 5 presentations to do in Cairo…

All works fine in the old presenter when online, but not sure if I will have internet available over there.

And offline it uses your new presenter with that bug…


Hi @vanda

Videos for me are just showing as black boxes with no thumbnail and no play button. Is there a solution for this? I’ve uploaded them to prezi. So they’re not Youtube.

Ok, think I found a very crude fix for this. Mind you I’m using Prezi Next, but I’m guessing the principle should be the same in Classic as well.

First I insert the video of choice, and I choose animation “Zoom to”. Now I basically have a video with black preview and play button. Next I press present, and as soon as the video starts playing (or at your chosen position), just pause the video and take a screen shot the same size as the video. Next place that screen shot image above your video. Voila, it will look like a thumbnail of your video (which in some sense it is), and you will automatically zoom to your video/thumbnail and start playing the video when pressing next (because of the “zoom to” automation).