Video too fast for audio

Hello! I have noticed that when I go to record a Prezi Video using the Desktop software, the timing between the slide transitions and the audio of my voice does not sync correctly. When I use the online Prezi Video platform, I do not have this problem, but the only platform is limited to 15-minute videos. Can I receive some assistance in this matter?

Hi @Alexander_Matthews, could you send the recorded out of sync video to me via a Private Message?

Below is a link to a test video that I made to illustrate the problem:

Hi @Alexander_Matthews, thanks for the detailed test video, it helps a lot!
Could you tell me if the video was out-of-sync right after the recording (for example in the trimming window) or it became out-of-sync only at the very end?

@Bertalan The video was out-of-sync in the trimming window.

Thanks @Alexander_Matthews, I’ve reported this to our developers. I’ll get back to you once I have news about the issue.

@Bart Thank you for the correspondence!

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The video speeded up at random.

Hi @11157, I’ve merged your issue to the relevant topic.
This is a known issue at the moment and our developers are working on the fix right now.
We will update this thread once the fix is out.

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grabo una clase, y el audio funciona muy bien, sin embargo, el video va muy rápido, tanto así que no permite grabar.
Debo enviar mis clases a la brevedad, alguna pronta solución?

Hola @Mackarenna_Garrido, he fusionado tu publicación con el tema relevante.
¿Podría intentar actualizar su aplicación de video Prezi e intentar nuevamente?

same problem here! Very inconvenient with a video of 40 minutes length!

Hi - any update on when this might be fixed? I have just recorded a video of side by side video and converted ppt slides and it’s all out of sync. I can provide a linked example if you tell me how to private message.

Hi @Jakob_Foissner and @Tom_Norton, could you please uninstall and reinstall the Prezi Video Desktop application? This should be fixed in the latest version.