Video uploaded with low quality

Hello @Bart, i have a simular error, but my video already upload only with 360 quality.
But i have the same error in console. Could you check my video please?
Why is it 360 and not 720?

Hi @user59, I’ve created a new topic with your comment as it is a different issue than the other one.

Could you please let me know what kind of device did you use to record your video? What is the model of the computer, what OS did you use and what is the camera model you have used?

Sure, I recorded online via chrome browser, windows 10 and genius FaceCam 1000X

Thanks @user59, I’ve reported this to our developers and will update this thread as soon as I have any news

Hi @user59, please note that in case the FPS drops to a low-level Prezi Video scales down the resolution to better help with the overall quality of the video.

Your computer might have a lower performance that could cause this issue. Could you share your exact system specifications?