Video zoom in Prezi Next

Hi, I’m a new Prezi user, so please bear with me. I’ve added a video file (upload from hard drive) to a Prezi subtopic (stack) page. The video imports and plays back fine. I’d like to have the video automatically play full-screen when we zoom to the subtopic (i.e. no click required, no ‘play’ button). I’ve read this is possible by right-clicking the video and selecting ‘Add to Path’. But when I right-click the video there’s no such menu option. There was something about ‘selecting the video and not the frame’, but I never created a frame and I’m not sure what this means. Please advise, thanks very much.

Hello @Eric_Felberg, the Add to path feature you mentioned is used in Prezi Classic, the previous version of Prezi. In Prezi Next we use topics and subtopics instead of frames and there is no need to add these elements to the path, Prezi automatically zooms into them in the order you create in the left panel (by drag and dropping the topic/subtopic thumbnails). In case of videos, the play button will always be visible for a couple seconds before the video starts playing, and currently it is only possible to advance the presentation by clicking. I apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to me.

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