Videos Full Screen Modus




I upload a video from my computer in my new Prezi Next. I insert this video in a stapel. Now when I start the presentation, the video switchs automatically into the full screen modus. But I don’t want to watch the video in full screen, because on the stapel are notes which are necessary for the video.

Is it possible to switch off the automatic full screen modus?


Hi, @Achim_Kuhnle. I am afraid, videos can only be viewed in full-screen mode.


Dear Lana, that’s a pity. I uploaded a animated signature. I don’t want it to appear full screen, but just below the photo of a man. Is it also possible to start the video automatically? For instance when it pops up due to a animation start? Would be fun. Thank you in advance for your answer!


@Tynke_van_Dijk Although currently all videos can only be played in full-screen mode (which means that you need one click to zoom to them, then they will play automatically), we agree that this would be a useful option and will forward your idea to our development team.