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I love using prezi video to make my presentation engaging, but I have to worry about setting up my background since there isn’t a virtual background option. I’d like to be able to layer a virtual background. This would be possible if the camera acted as a background filter rather than a foreground filter, and allowed a solid image to stay in the back.

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Hi @Marie_Hagan, thanks for the feedback, I’ll forward it to our product team!

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Hello, when I use Zoom my background right behind me shows. How do I fix this when using Prezi and Zoom?

Hi @Sherry_Green, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Please note that currently, it is not possible to use Prezi Video with Zoom’s Virtual background feature, but I’ll forward your feedback to our product team.

Hello Bart,

I don’t want to use a virtual background.

I thought I could send more than one screenshot but that was a huge disappointment. So hopefully, this goes through, and if so I will be sending the same message with a different screenshot. - good grief to much hassle.

I want my immediate background showing only, not the rest of the room. With Zoom, my immediate background shows, only - please see screenshot. With Zoom and Prezi, the rest of the room shows- please see screenshot. At this time, I couldn’t make a Prezi Video, which is why I bought the package. I was able to manipulate Prezi Presents, but I can’t see myself next to the PowerPoints. Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Sherry_Green, thanks for the screenshot explaining your case.

I’m guessing your camera model might be able to zoom in on the image hence the difference.

Could you please make sure you have this set up properly on your computer?

Could you also tell me what is the exact model of your camera and your device?

Any news on this. This is a deal breaker for Prezi Video for me.


Hi @Gil_Anspacher, we’ll update this thread once we have any news on this.

Hi, Currently I’m using a free version of VCam Xsplit for a virtual background. This seems to be working well with Prezi video. Any update on the virtual background option from Prezi? I prefer not to purchase the full Xsplit license if this option is in the works by Prezi as well.

Hi @Vincent_TEPPER, this feature is currently being worked on as it is a frequently requested one. :slight_smile:

Hello Prezi community!

We are happy to announce that we recently released a highly requested feature, virtual backgrounds in Prezi Video and we would like to ask for your help to make it even better!

Virtual backgrounds were released as a beta feature to ensure that everything works optimally. Sometimes we remove elements from certain features to further improve them based on user feedback. Please give it a try and let us know what you think and how we could improve the feature.

You can do so by filling out the feedback form for name tags in English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and French.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: