Visio shapes in Prezi

It would be awesome if it’s possible to insert visio shapes! It would be another dimension for IT consultants and architects how to present infrastructure design.


THis is a really great idea. For now, you’ll have to take a screenshot of your screen with the shapes (if you can not save them as image files), and upload them into Prezi.

I’d save them as vector images so you can zoom in without blurring.


Any possibility about importing SVG?

All i need is prezentations of complicated visio diagrams. And pdf export makes it so sloow that’s it’s no use… I would like push prezi within my company and get some licences, but no colleague will go via complicated conversion to swf.

Please prio this for next verson!

What format of vector images does Prezi load?

any update on this visio format?It has been a while since the first post…

5y ago I have asked about this… Now I have opened prezi idea in my company [HPE] again and so I went back to check visio. Still nothing… to bad we’ll not use prezi :frowning: