Visual continuity between the overview and the subtopics

Hello, I just dropped on it. How to create a visual continuity between the overview and a subsection?

Thank you for your help !

@DL_PZMK Could you please further elaborate what exactly you would like to achieve?

@DL_PZMK this is a really neat presentation! Where did you obtain? I’d love to ask the owner where they found the images for the people, they’re very fun & engaging!! @Agnes I’d also love to know how the transition works between the lady holding the cellphone (blue background) and the same lady holding her ipad (red dress)- it seems to be a zoom in but the red dress image just appears at the same time; I know you can’t fade in & zoom too at the same time, so is there any chance you’d know by viewing how they achieved?

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Thank you for your message,

I would like to know how to go from slide 1 to slide 2. There is a real continuity between the 2 slides. It seems that the photo of the 2 slides is a single object. Then I have the impression that slide 2 is a planet section. However, it seems to me for this type of slides, it is not possible to enlarge a background beyond the frame. Here it is a circle that goes beyond the frame

Sorry for the late reply, @DL_PZMK and @Plastic_Ingenuity. This is a feature that is still in the process of testing and is only available for a limited group of our user base. Once it’s publicly released, we’ll share further details!

:disappointed: Disappointed, but I’ll be anxiously awaiting, thanks!! Fingers crossed for soon.

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Editing the topic and subtopic covers now should be available for everyone. Feel free to check our article about this feature in our Knowledge Base and let us know what you think!