wanna share my prezi please

Not able to share my prezi - click on share and edit together and get no response!

same problem, tried Chrome and FF: for both the “share” button does nothing

Should I try another browser? Am using Chrome and FF as my main browsers … I shared this before but can’t seem to do so again! Is that a bug?? What if I save a copy and then trying to share! … NO! Just tried that - that doesn’t work either!!

same for me this morning… i’ve tried chrome and internet explorer, and the share button isn’t working

It must be a very recent problem then - is the “make a copy” or “like” button working for you?

‘Make a copy’ and ‘edit works’ - but not ‘share’ - ‘edit together’ and ‘view together’… very odd!! Sounds like I’m not alone though …

Well I can’t make a copy or reuse, or share or edit together, nothing seems to be working. I tried using it on all available browsers but it just won’t work.

okay - what do we do next - how do we get this resolved!? Not very good - need it for a client presentation!! Do prezi monitor this? I’d be very annoyed if I couldn’t do anything …

I’ve addressed these issues in a different topic, no response yet which is frustrating as I need this to be solved as soon as possible


Have a client waiting now!

Pls make this a priority. Can’t believe this is happening now…pls hurry!!

Brilliant - thank you very much Zoli!! :slight_smile: Hope it is fixed soon … look forward to your update!

solved! share link is working now!! THANK YOU FOR THE SPEEDY RECOVERY!!!