Want to tilt the editor

When I’m in edit mode it would sometimes be helpful to be able to tilt my view to match some items that are tilted… and also un-tilt. Currently to do this I shift to Show mode, click an item to get my orientation to match it, and then exit show mode. That works, but it is not ideal since clicking the item also zooms.

Solution #1: Add a menu item to the context menu. To use it… right-click an item (or the back-ground)… if that item is tilted differently than the orientation of the editor then the menu item is selectable. Clicking that menu item would change the orientation of the editor to match the clicked item (without changing the zoom). You would want to pivot around the selected item (not around the center of the screen).

Second idea: Add a control on the right side (along with with the Home and Zoom controls)? It could be a little circle with a dot on the perimeter. The dot would show the current orientation of the editor relative to “horizontal”. Clicking on the dot would let you grab it and swing it around the circle to change the orientation of the editor. The pivot point would be the current center of the editor.

They both have their pluses and minuses.

Whenever I have wanted to do this it is to match an already tilted item… #1 would give me that. But I like #2 because it would be meaningful in edit mode or in presentation mode… giving a user in presentation mode a way to control the orientation just like they can control the zoom.

The problem with #1 is that you have to come up with a meaningful name for this action. Going with #2 you don’t have to do that since it is purely a visual control.

Nothing would prevent you from implementing both mechanisms.


Does using the numbers “3” and “4” to rotate help?


That’s nice. And probably good enough for me, now that I know about it.

It still like both of my ideas above… but those are way at the bottom of my wish-list relative to the other features that I’d like to have.

Thanks David.

I realize they’re not ideal either. Ie. It’s hard to get the rotation to the correct degree, but it does “work” for now.

I like your suggestions as well and will bring them up next week in our meeting.